Offering Smorgasbord Of Leaderboards In August

If you’re playing online poker on in Nevada this August, there is a leaderboard for any type of poker player around.

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Most of the poker players that flooded Las Vegas this summer are gone now. Even though the live poker scene is quieting down, August will be a good time for online grinders. is offering an array of leaderboard promotions to help keep that bankroll growing after the busy Summer Grind Tour.

Not only does the leaderboard competition keep players motivated, there is also money to win. With so many leaderboards to choose from, there is a little something for everybody too.

Mega Monster MTT leaderboard

The reason the MTT leaderboard sports such an intimidating name is because it offers the most lucrative prizes. The top 20 finishers on this leaderboard each week take home a piece of more than $2,000 in prizes.

Rather than hand out cash, these finishers earn tournament tickets. The 20th place finisher earns one $5 tournament ticket. Meanwhile, the top finisher gets $345 in tournament tickets, broken down as follows:

  • One $200 ticket
  • One $100 ticket
  • Four $10 tickets
  • One $5 ticket

Short-handed leaderboard is incentivizing players to grab seats at nearly empty tables. The short-handed leaderboard tracks points for players playing at tables that are not full.

Per the rules, nine-handed tables with five or fewer players and six-handed tables with three or fewer players.

Like other leaderboard contests on the site, player APPs at the short-handed tables determine the standings. Each week there is $500 up for grabs to the top 10 finishers.

Prizes for the top 10 range from $20-$95 in cash deposited into their account.

Limit leaderboard

If no-limit hold’em is not your thing, then this leaderboard is. The weekly leaderboard contest is for all the limit hold’em, Omaha and Omaha hi-lo, and stud and stud hi-lo cash game players.

The leaderboard measures APPs earned at the limit tables. The top 15 APP earners each week get a piece of the $1,000 prize pool. The top player gets $250, while everyone else earns at least $20.

SNG leaderboards

No matter what stakes you play, there is a Sit n’ Go leaderboard for you to take part in. offers a trio of leaderboards to try your hand in this August.

The leaderboards are divided by buy-in:

  • Low limit – $5 and below
  • Mid limit – $20 and below
  • High limit – $25 and up

The low limit offers $500 in weekly prizes, while the mid limit has $1,000 up for grabs. The high limit features a $1,500 weekly prizepool. In each pool, the top 30 players on the leaderboard get a piece of the cash prizes.